Join Tau Sigma Delta

Join Tau Sigma Delta

Ten Reasons Why Joining Tau Sigma Delta — A National Honor Society for Architecture and the Allied Arts — is a Very Good Idea!

  1. The presence of a chapter of a nationally recognized honor society at your school will encourage beginning students in their quest to achieve excellence.
  2. An honor society is a great way to recognize and celebrate deserving students in your professional program(s). This is an honor that these students and future alums will proudly include on their resumes for most of their lives.
  3. Having a chapter of a nationally recognized honor society will aid in recruitment of high-achieving students to your program(s), and will make tuition-paying parents of inductees very proud of their investment.
  4. The stature of having an Honor Society attached to your program becomes widely evident at official university academic events, including convocations and graduation. It is important that your school provide the same opportunities for your students with national honor society recognition that is typically found in most other colleges on your campus.
  5. Similarly, you will impress upon your President, Chancellor, Trustees, Regents and Provost that purposeful intellectual enlightenment does exist in a design school! These folks do notice and they do care.
  6. A TSD chapter is a great way to make connections between programs in architecture, landscape architecture, planning, interior design, and the allied arts.
  7. Many TSD chapters to engage in a variety of beneficial activities, adding greatly to the culture and student life in your school.
  8. An active honor society chapter will provide a mechanism for high-achieving students in your college/school to network. (Collectively these students always seem to come up with terrific ideas that advance the program and school.)
  9. TSD provides the very busy dean, chair, and/or faculty advisor opportunities to get to know the very best students in the school.
  10. There’s no charge to start a TSD chapter!

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