Forming a New Chapter

Forming a New Chapter

After reading the bylaws and operating procedures manual, a written request to form a new chapter of Tau Sigma Delta is made by the President of the University to the President of Tau Sigma Delta. Upon receipt of this letter, the TSD president will verify that the new chapter will be in an accredited architecture program. A Greek name will then be given to the chapter and the administrative assistant of the society will prepare a charter and membership certificates

New chapters may have their charter presented at the next annual meeting (held in conjunction with the ACSA Annual Meeting), or have the charter sent to them through the mail.

Upon receipt of the charter, invitations for initiates may be issued. After initiates accept membership in the society and pay the required fees, a typed list of all initiates names is submitted to the national office of TSD; a check from the university for $45.00 for each certificate requested must accompany the list of names. Individual checks from students will not be accepted.

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